Frequently Asked Questions


The size or dimension of the skylight itself is based upon the outer dimensions of the mounting curb or support structure. When measuring the curb, it is important to ensure that you measure to the outermost part of the curb (also known as out-to-out of curb). It is equally important that the curb itself be square (i.e. equal and parallel sides). To ensure that your curb is square, measure the diagonal distance from each opposing corner. If the dimensions are not equal, then the curb is not square and must be modified prior to installing the skylight. Once you are confident that the curb is square and you have verified that the outer dimensions are correct, you may enter those dimensions directly into the spaces provided in Step 2 of the Design Your Skylight section. For additional information you may refer to the Design Tools section of this site.

All eSkylight.com products carry a standard five-year limited warranty certifying that the skylight is free from defects in design, materials, and fabrication for a period of five years from the date of purchase. A copy of our warranty may be viewed at the Customer Service section of this site.

One of the greatest advantages of ordering your skylight from eSkylight.com is its shortened lead times. With eSkylight.com you no longer have to wait for submittal drawings, engineering reviews or price quotes. They are immediately available to you on-line. When you place your order with us we are able to instantly order the necessary materials from our suppliers and immediately schedule a fabrication date in our factory. As a result, our lead times are less than half of that of most other skylight manufacturers. In fact, most skylights will be shipped within four weeks from time of order. If your skylight is 8 feet or less in width and under 20 feet long, ordering a factory assembled & glazed unit will also dramatically reduce your installation time and cost.

“Skylights will be shipped primarily via common carrier, depending upon the size of the unit. You will be notified via e-mail when your skylight is shipped from our facility and the freight carrier will contact you directly to schedule a delivery time at your site location. It will be your general contractor or installer’s responsibility to make the necessary arrangements for off-loading and storage of the skylight at time of delivery.

eSkylight.com does not provide installation services. We highly recommend that you use the services of an installer experienced in the installation and glazing of structural skylights. We suggest that you contact the National Glass Association at http://www.glass.org, the Glass Association of North America (GANA) at http://www.glasswebsite.com/GANA/index.html or the National Roofing Contractors Association at http://nrca.net/directory/contractor to locate a qualified installer near you. eSkylight.com will provide detailed assembly instructions, drawings and maintenance information with each shipment for your installer to follow when installing your skylight. These instructions may also be downloaded for earlier reference from the Customer Service section of this site.

When analyzing and selecting a glass type, it is important to compare the optical and thermal properties of each type of glass and select the one that best matches your specific performance requirements. Glazing is one of the most important factors to consider when designing a skylight and eSkylight.com provides you with several glazing options to choose from. We recommend using only real glass in lieu of translucent, acrylic panels. Glass provides superior thermal and optical properties, won’t yellow or fade, and is much less susceptible to leakage after extended exposure to the harsh effects of an outdoor environment. For specific glass descriptions and performance values, you may refer to the Design Tools section of this site.

Our skylights have been pre-engineered to meet the following design loads and performance criteria:

  • Self-supporting load of 10 pounds per square foot.
  • Maximum Ground Snow Load of 50 pounds per square foot.
  • Minimum Live Load of 20 pounds per square foot.
  • Wind loads resulting from a 120MPH, 3-second gust speed with pressure determined by
  • ASCE 7-95 “Minimum Design Loads for Buildings and other Structures.”

Additional design performance data is included in our product specification, which can be viewed or downloaded via the Design Tools section of this site. We highly recommend that you consult your local building code official to ensure compliance with local codes.

All eSkylight.com skylights require a mounting curb or support structure capable of withstanding the design loads specified above (these are also included in the product specifications and detail drawings). The mounting curb itself should be a minimum of 6″ inches wide and 6″ high and be constructed of wood or steel. You may consult the Design Tools section of this site or the actual detail drawings for your skylight additional information.

Yes. Once you have completed the 7 Step Design Process you will have the opportunity to select a Frames Only Price option. This option will calculate your price quote excluding the associated glass costs. Please note that this price will be based upon the frame dimensions and glass thickness you selected in Steps 2 and 4 of the design process and is therefore limited to 1 1/8″ insulated or ½” laminated glass units. eSkylight.com will provide you with the required glass dimensions as part of your final order confirmation.