Quality Craftsmanship


Your Architectural Skylight Choice is a leading fabricator of pre-engineered custom skylight systems. Our advanced skylight systems are fully tested and engineered, and our innovative fabrication processes create a solid foundation for success in any project. Over twenty years of experience and expertise ensure that every deadline is met and every product that leaves our facility is fabricated to the highest standards.

Rain-Screen Principle

All of our products incorporate the Rain-Screen Principle to ensure that your building envelope meets guidelines for air-and water penetration. The rain screen principle may be defined as a theory governing the design of a building enclosure in such a way as to prevent water penetration due to rain; in other words, a scientific approach to eliminating water leakage.

Natural Daylight

The use of natural daylighting has been linked to more sales, better grades, and improved energy usage. Natural sunlight is free, and with the energy savings you achieve, skylights often pay for themselves in short order.

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